Phil LaMarr


Pro Photos – $50 Justice League Unlimited - $260 (LaMarr, Canals-Barrera, Newbern, Rosenbaum, Eisenberg) Clone Wars Group - $390 Click Here to Purchase

Phil LaMarr2024-05-31T20:17:38-07:00

Alan Oppenheimer


When a Legend like Alan Oppenheimer wants to join your lineup, he joins our lineup. Skeletor will be joining She-Ra at the Washington State Summer

Alan Oppenheimer2024-02-08T13:05:56-08:00

Ian Sinclair


Auto $40 POP/Premium Item Auto $60 Quote +$10 Selfie $40 No Video or Voice Recordings Combos Auto/Selfie $60 Premium Auto/Selfie $80 Premium Auto/Quote/Selfie

Ian Sinclair2024-06-15T10:08:41-07:00

Michelle Rojas


Autograph $40 Funko Pop Autograph $60 Quote per sentence $10 Photo/Selfie $40 Auto + Photo or Audio bundle $60 Audio shout out $40

Michelle Rojas2024-06-15T10:10:52-07:00

Sonny Strait


Standard Autographs – $40 POP Autographs – $60 Selfies - $50 Let's add another huge anime star and THE Sniper King

Sonny Strait2024-06-15T10:06:40-07:00

Susan Eisenberg


Pro Photos – $70 Justice League Unlimited - $260 (LaMarr, Canals-Barrera, Newbern, Rosenbaum, Eisenberg) Click Here to Purchase Autographs – $50Quotes - $20 Selfies -

Susan Eisenberg2024-04-19T20:05:12-07:00

Melendy Britt


It is an honor and privilege to host the original Princess of Power, Melendy Britt to the 2024 lineup at the Washington State Summer

Melendy Britt2024-02-01T17:13:04-08:00

Christopher Sabat


Please welcome Christopher Sabat, the man behind the voices of some of the most memorable and powerful anime characters of the last two decades,

Christopher Sabat2024-05-03T20:55:01-07:00


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