It is an honor and privilege to host the original Princess of Power, Melendy Britt to the 2024 lineup at the Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup from June 21st through the 23rd. She is an icon in the animation and voice-over world highlighted by her portrayal of She-Ra in the 80s.

Melendy Britt is an actress whose career has covered the gamut of acting from her beginning in theatre to television, film, and voice-over. She began acting in theatre, films such as the iconic Hal Ashby film Being There with Peter Sellers, and television, appearing and guest starring in over 40 shows such as Cheers, Taxi, and Gilmore Girls, while doing voice-over and on-camera commercials for clients and products such as L’Oreal, NBC, ABC, CBS, and ultimately doing what she found to be truly rewarding aside from raising her family—animation.

Anyone who was growing up in the 80s will remember her from many cartoon series such as The New Adventures of Batman playing both Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, and Catwoman, Alana in Transformers, Aura in Flash Gordon the Wicked Queen in A Snow White Christmas, and later many other animation series such as the Pilot of Sailor Moon as Luna, the
cat and narrator, and Gran Gran in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The most important female animation series of her voice-over career was She Ra: Princess of Power where Melendy voices She Ra remains in the hearts of generations. She also voiced many other beloved characters in the show including Adora, Catra, Castaspella, and Mermista. She continues to do voice-overs for commercials and video games such as Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 and loves meeting the fans of the characters she’s played.