The Can’t Miss Event to Start Your Summer – June 21st-23rd

Jim Cummings


Pro Photos – $70 Clone WarsGroup - $390 Click Here to Purchase Standard Autographs – $60 Selfies - $50 Combo - $90

Jim Cummings2024-05-31T20:24:13-07:00

Bret Iwan


Pro Photos – $60 Click Here to Purchase Standard Autographs – $60 Quotes - $20 Selfies - $40 Combo - $80 Voice

Bret Iwan2024-04-22T15:06:44-07:00

Sean Schemmel


Our favorite SUPER Saiyan is headed back to Puyallup. Please welcome the voice of Goku, Sean Schemmel, to the massive anime lineup at the Washington

Sean Schemmel2024-02-12T19:06:50-08:00

Dave Wittenberg


Naruto fans! How about a SUPER rare appearance from Mr. Dave Wittenberg? Please welcome the voice of Kakashi Hatake to the anime lineup at the

Dave Wittenberg2024-02-12T19:05:42-08:00

Eric Vale


"Let him cook." Please welcome superstar Eric Vale to the growing anime lineup at the Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup from June 21st

Eric Vale2024-04-22T05:58:47-07:00

John Swasey


Before we wrap up our One Piece guest announcements this evening, we have to reveal Mr. 0 himself none other than Crocodile! Please welcome

John Swasey2024-04-22T05:59:58-07:00

Stephanie Young


Here you go Straw Hatters, as we offer another crew member with a huge anime resume to Puyallup from June 21st through the 23rd.

Stephanie Young2024-04-22T06:00:28-07:00

George Newbern


Pro Photos – $70 Justice League Unlimited - $260 (LaMarr, Canals-Barrera, Newbern, Rosenbaum, Eisenberg) Click Here to Purchase Autographs – $50Quotes - $20 Selfies -

George Newbern2024-04-22T06:09:02-07:00


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