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Vendor FAQs

Vendor FAQs2023-09-16T10:49:55-07:00
Can I purchase extra Vendor badges?2023-02-05T14:42:18-08:00

Yes, extra badges are available for purchase leading up to the show.  Badge purchase is limited to working staff at the show.  If Vendor badges are given to friends or family to attend, the badges may be revoked and approval for future shows will be denied. All approved vendors will receive a final questionnaire.  At that time, indicated how many additional badges are needed and we will invoice you for those.  If you need them after you have submitted your application just contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

What are your safety protocols? Is there a vaccine or mask requirement?2023-02-05T14:11:58-08:00

Here is a link to our most current safety protocols:

We do not anticipate adding additional requirements than are currently imposed and required by the Governor and the local department of health. Currently, we are not required to check for vaccination status, masks are no longer required for indoor and outdoor spaces, and we expect that will continue through our show in June.  We support anyone that would like to wear a mask for their own personal safety or precaution.

What are the Vendor setup hours of the Washington State Summer Con?2023-02-05T14:46:12-08:00

Setup hours are 8 am-8 pm on Thursday, June 22nd, AND 7 am – 2:00 pm on Friday, June 23rd for Load-in.   All booths and exhibits must be complete and ready by 3:00 pm on Friday, June 23rd.

Larger vendors, exhibitors, and vendors with special needs can contact us for additional options.

What are your Load-in Procedures and how far away is it?2023-02-05T14:20:31-08:00

All vendor booths are on one floor in multiple buildings with no elevators or stairs.  The buildings have multiple points of access, and you will be directed to the one nearest to your booth.  We have forklifts, pallet jacks, and carts available for all vendor needs at load-in on Friday.

I submitted a Vendor application and want to know the status?2024-02-22T10:09:14-08:00

A listing of all of the applications that we have received and their most current status can be found in the Vendor Info section.  Click Here

We will always email approvals.  Rejections and wait-list notifications can be found on the website with the most current status.

Can I bring a coffee pot, refrigerator, or other electronic items to my booth?2023-02-05T14:40:20-08:00

The electricity is provided for light use only.  Cash registers, computers, etc.  Personal use items should be limited and are potential safety and fire risks. Due to fire and safety regulations, all non-standard items must be approved by Management prior to the show and in written format.

Do Vendors have preferred treatment to visit the celebrity guests and features?2023-02-05T14:38:27-08:00

No, however, all photo and signature opportunities with celebrities will be given a short queue window so that no one is standing in line for hours on end. Any photo or signature ops must be purchased by vendors and exhibitors the same as attendees. Celebrities and Guests do have free time during the show and if they so choose to walk about that is solely their discretion, so you may see them at your booth. If you do please be courteous and say hello.

Can I ship freight to the facility?2023-02-05T14:21:12-08:00

Absolutely.  Shipments will only be accepted Tuesday through Friday during the week of the show.  We will provide you with the shipping address and accept your shipment.  We will hold it until move-in and have it delivered to your booth space – free of charge.

When is the Vendor Area on lock-down?2023-02-05T14:45:14-08:00

Vendors and Exhibitors will not be able to access their booth space from 9 pm on Friday (June 23rd) until 7 am Saturday (June 24th)  AND from 7 pm on Saturday (June 24th) until 8 am on Sunday (June 25th).  Security will have all buildings locked down and will be emptied for the safety and security of everyone’s personal property.

Can I choose my location for my vendor booth?2023-02-05T14:14:32-08:00

We would be happy to consider any preferences that you have for general locations, but we cannot guarantee any vendor-specific booth spaces at the show.  The Washington State Summer Con factors many things when building the layout for the show.  Factors for placement that are considered include booth contents, sponsorship, vendor professionalism, and returning vendor status.  Factors that are considered include the visual appeal of the booth, previous gracious or abrasive behavior at the show or leading up to the show to Summer Con staff, and complaints from surrounding Vendors.  Vendors will be placed according to the Vendor team and all decisions are final.

Are Vendor Badges transferable?2023-02-05T14:26:17-08:00

No.  Badges are for individual use and are non-transferable.  If Vendors are found to be purchasing additional badges for friends and family, those badges may be revoked and potentially cause the Vendor to lose selling privileges in the future. If you have staff that needs access for only one day or other specific needs, please contact us for necessary accommodations.

I am having trouble with my online vendor application. Can you help me?2023-02-05T14:39:41-08:00

Yes, send us a note from the Contact Us link with a brief description of your trouble(s) and we will contact you right away to assist.

Do you have overnight parking for trucks and/or trailers?2023-02-05T14:27:15-08:00

We have very limited overnight parking available.  Please request this access a month in advance in order that we can provide you will all of the information that you would need.


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