Summer Con FAQ

Will there be food and beverages available on site?2021-05-21T16:01:43-07:00

Yes. We will have the full food court open inside the show with seating.  The offerings will include BBQ, Pizza, Burgers, Fisher Scones, and other options.  More booths may be added as we near the event.

Will I be on camera?2018-09-17T14:37:39-07:00

The short answer is yes. Because of the nature of the show hundreds of people will be taking photos and short videos to post to their various social media accounts and to share with family and friends. Likewise, our staff will be taking photos and shooting videos for promotional use. YouTubers, celebrity guests, and others will also be recording with various methods as well.  Chances are you might end up photographed or videoed.

When do tickets go on sale?2021-05-23T22:28:57-07:00

Tickets will go on sale again on Sunday, May 23rd at 8 pm.

What is the Washington State Summer Con2018-09-17T14:38:11-07:00

It is a gathering of toy, comic, movie, television show, collectibles, and other geeky and nerdy individuals in a celebration styled convention.  The Washington State Summer Con will deliver the best that the Pacific Northwest offers and caters to fans of all genres, ages, and demographics.  It will feature a wide variety of vendors, artists, authors, comic book creators, crafters, games, and that is just the beginning.

The event will feature gaming tournaments, cosplay contests, kids activities, static displays, instructional panels and education, and so much more.  Most of the attractions and exhibits at the event will be included in the ticket price.  Additional costs will always be clearly outlined.

This show is designed around the attendees experience with quality and interactive content designed to provide a safe and celebratory experience to across the many different fandoms that we all enjoy.

What if I get hurt or require any type of assistance?2018-09-17T14:36:16-07:00

The staff at the Washington State Summer Con is there to help. The Central Pierce Fire and Rescue and the Puyallup Police Department will be at the event in case of any emergency.  Each section will have Summer Con personnel assigned to assist with first aid, security, booth concerns, questions, lost items, and any other issues that may arise. Our professional and courteous staff makes the vendors, exhibitors, and attendees their priority with safety being the most paramount followed by ensuring an environment that promotes friendliness and fun.

What are the operating hours of the Washington State Summer Con?2021-05-23T22:29:37-07:00

3 pm – 8 pm on Friday, June 18th

10 am – 6 pm on Saturday, June 19th

10 am – 5 pm on Sunday, June 20th

VIP badge holders will have access 30 minutes prior to show hours.

I can’t purchase Autograph and Photo Ops?2021-05-21T16:22:35-07:00

You must be an admission ticket holder in order to pre-purchase your Autograph and Photo Ops.  Once you have purchased your tickets, the website will allow you to make any Autograph and Photo Op purchases.

How much is parking?2018-09-17T14:57:46-07:00

Parking is free at the Washington State Fair and Events Center.  Use the Blue Parking Lot for entry to Summer Con.

How do tickets work?2021-05-21T16:21:58-07:00

Tickets are purchased on the website.  After they are purchased, you will be emailed your tickets.  Tickets can also be located by looking in your “My Account’ section of the website.  Any purchases will be listed there once you log in the site.  Staff will scan the QR code on paper or via smartphone and allow access to the show.  Once a Ticket/QR Code is scanned, it will no longer be active for that day of the show.  Re-entry is allowed with a hand stamp provided at the exit along with an intact and unaltered bracelet.

If occupancy allows, tickets may be purchased at the gate on the day of the show.

How big is the Washington State Summer Con?2021-05-21T16:09:22-07:00

In 2017 the Pierce County Toy & Geek Festival was held on one day in about 10,000 square feet and had more than 2,000 attendees and about 30 vendors.

In 2018 the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest expanded dramatically to a two-day event, with 200,000 square feet, 180 booths of vendors and exhibitors, celebrity guests, panels, comic book guests, interactive displays, lots of photo ops, and more!  Attendance was between 9,000 and 9,500.

In 2019, the Washington State Summer Con grew even larger to 280,000 sq feet and attendance was between 13,800 and 14,200.

In 2020, the Washington State Summer Con would have been awesome, but COVID.

In 2021, the Washington State Summer Con will cover 380,000 sq ft, feature 250 curated vendors and artists, and many more exhibits in 4 different buildings!

Can I bring my pet?2018-09-17T14:27:54-07:00

Only State Approved Companion/Working animals are allowed.

Can I bring a backpack or bag?2018-09-17T14:54:38-07:00

Yes.  Security personnel will be at the gate performing back checks for the safety of all attendees.


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