Collector Services

We are pleased to offer the services for our Comic Book witnessing and grading and for Celebrity Signature Authentication needs.

Desert Wind – CGC

Desert Wind Website

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Desert Wind Comics has been providing friendly and professional service to collectors and comic book fans for over 18 years. Involved in the comic book industry and comic book collectible world since 2000, Desert Wind leverages its extensive network of contacts to reach and obtain signatures from more comic book creators than anyone else. A regular attendee at numerous events and signings, Desert Wind’s mission is to provide exceptional job completion and high quality customer service.

Items Blue Label Yellow Label* Max Value
Modern (1975 or after) $20 $42 $200
Value $27 $45 $400
Economy $38 $55 $400
Standard $65 $85 $1000
Express $100 $120 $3000
Walkthru TBD TBD $3000+

*Yellow Label includes witnessing AND CGC grading.  Form fee and shipping are an additional cost.

Example A: One Modern item to be signed by Chris Claremont ($20 creator signing fee) is priced at $42 plus return shipping. The addition of Andy Kubert’s ($15 creator signing fee) signature to the same item entails a $10 additional signature fee; the new total would be $87 ($42 +$20 +$15 +$10) plus return shipping. DWC prices include witnessing fee for the first signature, book preparation, shipping and handling to CGC, and insurance while at DWC and CGC. Prices do NOT include return shipping and handling (form fee). Stop by the Desert Wind booth #162 for complete details.


A properly completed Desert Wind Comics submission form MUST be included with the submitted item(s). Failure to submit a properly completed form WILL incur a $5.00 processing fee from Desert Wind Comics or may result in the return of customer items at the customer’s expense. Please use the Desert Wind Comics submission form and follow the instructions listed in the information sheet on the Desert Wind Comics website at All orders MUST be prepaid in advance at the time of item submission to Desert Wind Comics. Acceptable payments include credit card, PayPal, or personal check. Make checks out to Desert Wind Comics. Send PayPal payments to

The price for any additional signatures is $10.00 per signature. Some artists may charge a signing fee or a small charity donation fee; any such fees are billed to the customer. If the customer does not want to pay over a specific amount, then the customer must set a payment limit in advance. The $10.00 fee does not apply to PREMIUM SIGNATURES. PREMIUM SIGNATURES are charged at a higher rate depending on the creator.

Return shipping is $25.00 for the first book and $3.00 for each additional book per shipment to US addresses. Shipping includes up to $3000.00 insurance per package. Any additional insurance can be added at the rate of $1.00 per $1000.00 of insurance. Return shipping to a Canadian address is performed via FedEx Ground; it is $50.00 for the first book and $5.00 for each additional book per shipment. Canadian or International shipping does NOT include insurance with FedEx Ground shipping. Books must be shipped either FedEx Express (Overnight, 2 Day, or 3 Day) or USPS Registered Mail to be insured. Please inquire for shipping and insurance charges outside of the Continental United States or Canada. Customer is responsible for any and all customs fees and duties.

Books are signed in either black or silver ink. Special requests for alternate ink colors or signature placement entails an additional fee of $3.00 per request. Alternate ink color requests (other than black or silver) require you to supply the pen. Please test the pen and note that certain pens, such as paint pens, will not be used due to the potential for ink smearing. Customer supplied pens will NOT be returned. When requesting a specific signature placement, please send either: 1. a photocopy of the cover with the specific signature location marked, or 2. a signature location marked on the outer bag or the outer casing (if sending a previously graded book) using a felt tip marker. Please note that special ink color and/or placement cannot be guaranteed; in the event that special requests cannot be fulfilled, any special request fees will be refunded.

Genuine COA – CBCS

Genuine COA Website

Genuine COA is a CBCS Facilitator and will be available from booth #160 to offer signature witnessing for CBCS Comics grading. You can place your order for on-site submission at the booth, but it is recommended that you reserve your order at the link below using Step 01 (see the demo video for instruction)

Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email which you can print and bring to Genuine COA booth #160, to claim a signature witness for signing.

For a limited time, Genuine COA will automatically provide a free Fast Pass on Pressing and Cleaning Service options for any tier selection other than Modern. Pressing and Cleaning can potentially improve the condition of a book prior to grading. The Pressing and Cleaning Fast Pass will cut the time of Pressing and Cleaning Service in half. See the link (above) for details. (Free Fast Pass applies only to turn around time for the Pressing and Cleaning Service, not CBCS Grading turn around time).

Items Blue Label* Yellow Label** Max Value
Modern (1975 or after) $23 $38 $250
Expanded Modern (pre-1975) $35 $50 $250
Consumer (no date restriction) $39 $54 $400
Two-Day Modern (1975 to present) $45 $60 $2000
Quickstream (no date restriction) $63 $78 $2000
Rapid (no date restriction) $100 $115 $4000+
Original Art   $38 $1000
*Excludes any shipping fees.
**Represents with one signature. Additional signatures on same book will be +$10 witnessing fee each.

Watch this video to see how it will work at Summer Con!

The price chart below represents blue label grading and yellow label combined grading and witnessing costs.

Genuine COA – Autograph Certificate of Authenticity

Genuine COA Website

Genuine COA will offer the Washington State Summer Con Official Autograph Certificate of Authenticity for select celebrity signers.
Before exiting the autograph lines, you must let the Washington Summer Con staff member know that you want the Certificate of Authenticity, and a TEMPORARY sticker will be placed on your item that was signed.

Then find Genuine COA booth #160 to redeem for the Certificate of Authenticity (you MUST have the sticker from that celebrity signing table to claim the COA). You will be issued the Official COA trading card and your signed item will be serialized with a tamper-evident, holographic sticker, with signature verification registered on the Genuine COA website after the show.

Autograph authentication will be just $10 cash paid to the Genuine COA booth.

Watch this video to see samples of the collectible COA trading cards for Summer Con!