Sunday Panels

We are proud to bring you over 50 hours of programming and entertainment at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest.  This year, we have 6 Panel Locations:  Main Stage, Showplace Stage, Panel Room 1, Panel Room 2, Podcast Stage, and the FOB Puyallup Stage.

Main Stage
Sunday – 11 am – Main Stage

Spend some time with Tiya Sircar, the voice behind Sabine Wren the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Tiya Sircar has been acting in Hollywood for ten years in movies, television and, of course, she has been our favorite voice actress in Star Wars Rebels. Tiya is the voice of Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

Sunday – 1 pm – Main Stage

Come meet the voices of Goku, Vegeta, King Kai, Piccolo, Vegito, Yamcha, and dozens of other characters from the Dragon Ball universe.

Sunday – 2 pm – Main Stage

Your spidey senses may be tingling as you hear you listen to your favorite neighborhood Ultimate Spider-Man . Join Drake as he talks about his acting and his new music career.

Faster than a speeding bullet… Join Tom Welling as he talks about being the Man of Steel, Lucifer, and everything else.

Sunday – 4 pm – Main Stage

Cameron Boyce and Booboo Stewart take the stage fresh from the set of Disney’s Decendants 3.  Get your questions ready for Carlos and Jay!

Showplace Stage
Sunday – 11 am – Showplace Stage

Young and old will be entertained by the magic of Mr. Ed Edica.

Sunday – noon – Showplace Stage

The Force is calling to you – you are never too old to begin your Jedi training. Come and learn lightsaber combat choreography with the Jedi and Sith of Saber Guild’s Jet City Temple. We will provide you with a fully crafted lightsaber capable of movie-quality stage combat, as we teach to you the choreography skills we use in our performances.

Sunday – 1 pm – Showplace Stage

Young Padawans – do you want to learn how to use the Force and face down Sith Lords? Then join Saber Guild for the Force Experience Show! Watch as Jedi teach you about the force, show off lightsaber forms, spar against each other, and protect you from the forces of evil. Afterwards, join us for lightsaber class, where you will learn forms, and get a chance to test your lightsaber skills against the Sith!

Saturday – 2 pm – Showplace Stage
  • “Kosplay for Kids” (ages 2 to 11)
  • Special Events
  • Recognition Awards
  • Fun Contests and Prizes
  • Costume Parade
  • Free to all, no need to register
Panel Room 1
Sunday – 11 am – Panel Room 1

Every cosplayer knows the pain of walking the con and having your costume fall apart! It could be a strap or button, a jewel or belt.  Then it’s an emergency run to the cosplay hospital, back your hotel room, or perhaps just doing without. The team from Zaklabs invites you to their panel to learn the best ways to keep your costume or prop together.  They will cover adhesives, mechanical methods, velcro, straps, rivets and yes, even hot glue and give you the best methods on what ever material you are using and in many situations. If you are going crazy and feel like you are falling apart…then stop by and learn how to keep your stuff together!

Sunday – noon – Panel Room 1

Learn how an energy journalist from Houston took a two-year tour of the country visiting with toy company executives, sculptors, artists and former industry big wigs in search of stories about toys that were planned, but never made it to retail. From Big Sur, California, where he learned about an unknown Mattel line to Providence, Rhode Island, where he held first shots of Hasbro’s Dark Crystal figures in his hand, Blake Wright collected his findings — stories, photographs and original artwork — into Vol. 1 of Toys That Time Forgot, a 200-plus page hardback book designed to be as collectible as its contents. Learn about the people he found, the resources uncovered and how the project culminated into a nerve-racking, but ultimately successful, 30-day Kickstarter campaign. In addition, Blake will share a few sneak peeks at possible content for planned Volumes 2 and 3!

Sunday – 1 pm – Panel Room 1

Mehcad Brooks continues to rise as one of Hollywood’s promising stars. Listen as he talks everything Supergirl, acting, modeling and his newest venture – music.

Sunday – 2 pm – Panel Room 1

If you’re a fan of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham, you are probably familiar with Ciara Renée and Maggie Geha.  Come hear the scoop from Hawkgirl and Ivy Pepper about the shows, acting, and what is coming next.

Sunday – 3 pm – Panel Room 1

Do you like to draw?   Would you like to get paid to draw?  Artists Justin Hunt and Steve Geiger take you through the process of submission and publishing of your art in order to get to print and how the comic book industry works.

Sunday – 4 pm – Panel Room 1

Join the owner of Atomic Comics, Shane Ziemer, and DC Comics Cover Artist, David Williams, as they talk comics books, what is new and upcoming in the industry.

Panel Room 2
Sunday – 10 am – Panel Room 2

Local members of The 501st Legion will walk you through the process of building an approved set of Imperial Stormtrooper armor!  They will show you the basics of measuring, cutting and gluing. Then, we’ll pick up in progress with a halfway-completed kit, and talk through the steps as we finish it on stage. This fun, entertaining presentation will make audience members feel engaged by involving them in some of the easier tasks. Designed for beginners and intermediate builders alike.

Sunday – 11 am – Panel 2

Join cover artist, film director, art director and book illustrator artist, Matt Haley.  He was the artist and creative consultant for both seasons of Stan Lee’s TV series Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Notable comic book works include GHOST (Dark Horse Comics), Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl, Batman: Batgirl, the Superman Returns movie adaptation (DC Comics), and THE ORDER (Marvel).

Matt will be penciling an original piece of art during his panel.

Sunday – noon – Panel Room 2

Gary is best known for his Harvey award nominated inking on Steve Rude’s Nexus. His book, “The Art of Comic Book Inking” , is regarded as a comic inkers Bible and is a must have for any new inker.

Sunday – 1 pm – Panel Room 2

Jordan Hembrough is a collectibles dealer specializing in the toy market. His reputation for being the `in-demand dealer’ of rare toys precedes him, but it also adds to the pressure of the hunts, and in order to deliver the goods, Hembrough often has to deal with reluctant sellers, relentlessly haggle to stay within his budgets, and manoeuvre around unforeseen roadblocks. Join us as Jordan shares behind-the-scences info and answers your questions all about Toy Hunting.

Sunday – 2 pm – Panel Room 2

Keith Tucker has been a professional animation and comics artist for almost 40 years. He has worked as a storyboard artist on many of today’s Pop Culture icons like Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Rescue rangers, Duck Tales, Talespin,Casper, He Man, Gi Joe, Transformers, X-Men, Spiderman, Conan the Adventurer, Ghostbusters, and many, many more. His Comics work includes cover art for Disney Comics Roger rabbit, Rescue Rangers, Goofy, Little Mermaid magazine, Tiny Toons Magazine, Bugs Bunny Comics and many others. Journey back to your childhood as Keith discusses the Animation world of the 80’s and 90’s.

Saturday – 3 pm – Panel Room 2

Professional television and movie storyboard artist, Jeremy Simser, takes you on a journey through the process of storyboarding from the ground up with visual aids to include side by side video examples. Jeremy has done storyboards for television’s The Flash, Supergirl, and HBO’s Game of Thrones as well as Man in the High Castle, Death Note, and Deadpool 2.

Sunday – 4 pm – Panel Room 2

Gus Lopez is a legendary Star Wars collector. His collection of Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, and memorabilia is known throughout the far reaches of the galaxy. Gus and his wife, Pam, have traveled to various parts of the world on Star Wars related adventures, including three trips to Tunisia where they located many original Star Wars set pieces and props left behind years after filming. Come listen to their adventures!

Podcast Stage
Saturday – 10 am – Podcast Stage

If you have a podcast, or have been thinking about starting a podcast, come on out to A Shared Universe Podcast Stage at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest and podcast with Ming and Bryan.  The studio is equipped with 6 mics and all of the gear to walk with your recording. Sign up for a free 20 minute slot at  the show and meet the crew at the Podcast Stage area at your time.

Sunday – 2 pm – Podcast Stage

Hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens talk Star Wars, action figure news, and anything else Star Wars related in the galaxy.  Criz and Jake will be joined by Tiya Sircar, Mark Bellomo and Jordan Hembrough for the podcast.

Sunday – 3 pm – Podcast Stage

Two friends talking about comic books, movies, t.v. shows, and gaming.

Sunday – 3 pm – Podcast Stage

Do you ever look at your toys sitting on the shelf or in a storage bin and wonder “what am I going to do with these?”  Toy Photography  is a fun hobby that gets you moving and stretches your creativity!  Join Eric Ronnebeck (instagram: @IntangibleDandy) for an introduction into the world of Toy Photography!

There will be displays for backgrounds as well as natural scenery to help inspire a new hobby. Grab some of those toys you have collecting dust, a camera (phone works fine) ,and explore Toy Photography!

FOB Puyallup Stage
Sunday – noon – FOB Puyallup Stage

Hear from the real heroes as they talk about missions, gear, vehicles, ops, and serving our community.

Sunday – 2 pm – FOB Puyallup Stage

Join our host Terry Dizard of and our panel of G.I.Joe experts (Mark Bellomo, Darren from Joe Declassified, Brandon Jerwa writer of G.I.Joe comics) as we open the floor to your questions about America’s favorite Man of Action, G.I.Joe!

Sunday – 3 pm – FOB Puyallup Stage

Hear from the real heroes as they talk about missions, gear, vehicles, ops, and serving our community.