Cosplay Overview

a.k.a. “Costume Play”

Cosplay at the Washington State  Summer Con will fall into three areas.  Adults having fun, Kids having fun, and the serious Cosplayers competing for fame, glory, and prizes.

Cosplay Overview

We strongly encourage attendees to dress as their favorite characters during the Washington State Toy and Geek Festival. Whether your favorite character is from a cartoon, movie, television show, comic book, book, historical character, or anywhere else we want you to have fun with it!

To ensure that everyone is in accordance with our policies and regulations, please CLICK HERE for the published convention rules and CLICK HERE for the Cosplay Rules and Code of Conduct which includes information on props, masks, costumes, photography, and rules of the show.

Cosplay is designed to be fun and interactive; however, the safety of our attendees and the comfort of our cosplayers is paramount and will not come second. Please help us make this a great event by adhering to our policies and regulations. We look forward to seeing what everyone has!

Cosplay Medic Repair Station

The Washington State Summer Con is proud to provide a location that allows a spot for cosplayers to repair their costumes and props. We will have experienced cosplay staff on hand to assist you in your repairs. We believe that fellow cosplayers make the best Cosplay Medics because they know the struggles and challenges of staying well kept.

We realize that sometimes a piece falls of or gets loose while walking about and may only need a quick, minor repair, and walking all the way to the Medic Repair Station might be a hike. For this reason we will have roaming Cosplay Medics to assist on-the-go repairs.

All of these repairs are free to our attendees. Please be mindful and respectful to the staff as they help you. All cosplay rules, particularly in regard to harassment and weapons, are in full effect and will be strictly enforced during these interactions.

Cosplay Gatherings

A highlight for many cosplayers, and for other event attendees, are the different cosplay contests. We plan on having some amazing contests, awesome music, a great venue, and prizes.

We will have several categories for various levels of skill. To participate you will have to register at the Cosplay Contest Department, located at the Information Booth. Commercial kits are not to be used.

Cosplay Rules and Code of Conduct
Cosplay Contest Rules
Cosplay Skill Divisions Detail