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Saturday Panels

We are proud to bring you over 50 hours of programming and entertainment at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest.  This year, we have 6 Panel Locations:  Main Stage, Showplace Stage, Panel Room 1, Panel Room 2, Podcast Stage, and the FOB Puyallup Stage.

Unless otherwise noted, panels run 45 minutes.  Each panel room is cleared after each panel, except main stage.  Schedules subject to change.  Enjoy!

Main Stage
Saturday – 1 pm – Main Stage

If you watch the Disney Channel, chances are you know who Peyton List is from the shows Jessie and Bunk’d.  Peyton will talk about the show, fashion, and what is coming up for one of Hollywood’s young stars.

Saturday – 2 pm – Main Stage

Jason Mewes is most widely known as the never-silent half of the cult heroes Jay and Silent Bob, first appearing in 1994’s Clerks and moving on with the ever-growing popularity of Kevin Smith’s subsequent films Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, and the upcoming Mallbrats and Clerks III. Come listen to stories about his recent LEGO builds, his strong Fortnite game, random mewesings, and stories about his 3-year old, Logan.

Saturday – 3 pm – Main Stage

What happens when you gather 4 cast members of Z Nation on stage? Come find out as we hear Russell, Keith, Nat and Anastasia discuss the their popular show.

Saturday – 4 pm – Main Stage

Come listen to some of the masters in Toy Collecting and Star Wars knowledge discuss the future of Star Wars collecting and how personal collecting has changed over the years.

Brian Volk-Weiss – Executive Producer The Toys That Made Us
Mark Bellomo – Contributor The Toys That Made Us, Author The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures, 1977-1985
Jordan Hembrough – Host Toy Hunter, Owner of Hollywood Heroes
Gus Lopez – Contributor The Toys That Made Us, Panelist Star Wars Celebration
Criz Bee – Creator of JediBusiness.com, Host of Toy Run
Hosted by – Jake Stevens – Creator of From 4-LOM to Zuckuss, Host of Toy Run

Saturday – 5 pm – Main Stage

Who doesn’t love Chewbacca? Come listen to our biggest 7’3″ superstar share his story of playing the most lovable and furry character of them all.

Showplace Stage
Saturday – 11 am – Showplace Stage

Young Padawans – Do you want to learn how to use the Force and face down Sith Lords? Then join Saber Guild for the Force Experience Show! Watch as Jedi teach you about the force, show off lightsaber forms, spar against each other, and protect you from the forces of evil. Afterwards, join us for lightsaber class, where you will learn forms, and get a chance to test your lightsaber skills against the Sith!

Saturday – noon – Showplace Stage

The Force is calling to you – you are never too old to begin your Jedi training. Come and learn lightsaber combat choreography with the Jedi and Sith of Saber Guild’s Jet City Temple. We will provide you with a fully crafted lightsaber capable of movie-quality stage combat, as we teach to you the choreography skills we use in our performances.

Saturday – 2 pm – Showplace Stage

We strongly encourage attendees to dress as their favorite characters during the Washington State Toy and Geek Festival. Whether your favorite character is from a cartoon, movie, television show, comic book, book, historical character, or anywhere else we want you to have fun with it!

For complete information on Cosplay and the Adult Contest, click here.

Saturday – 4 pm – Showplace Stage
  • “Kosplay for Kids” (ages 2 to 11)
  • Special Events
  • Recognition Awards
  • Fun Contests and Prizes
  • Costume Parade
  • Free to all, no need to register
Panel Room 1
Saturday – noon – Panel Room 1

Find your inner cosplay character from beginner to advanced, Come hear Wonder Woman is Real (with 47k followers on Instagram) speak from her experience on how to decide who and what to cosplay, and how she used cosplay to transform not only her own life but to create a movement positive change.

Saturday – 1 pm – Panel Room 1

Join in the banter of Bryan and Ming, 2 employees from Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash Comic Shop. Hear them discuss the treasures of the comic collecting world and all about their widely popular pod cast: Comic Book Men.

Saturday – 2 pm – Panel Room 1

Smart is the new sexy. Join Kevin Sussman as he talks about being Stuart from the hit show The Big Bang Theory.

Saturday – 3 pm – Panel Room 1

Your spidey senses may be tingling as you hear you listen to your favorite neighborhood Ultimate Spider-Man . Join Drake as he talks about his acting and his new music career.

Saturday – 4 pm – Panel Room 1

Join Rich Werner (Creator of the art behind Plants vs. Zombies) and learn from his experience and success while he focuses on the design process for games: from concept to final asset, and making art that goes well with the design of a game.  How do you work with restrictions, but still make things look and feel cool?  Rich will tell you.

Panel Room 2
Saturday – 10 am – Panel Room 2

Five years ago, Shawn and Lara Steele embarked upon a journey to build a R2-D2… out of Lego! How hard could that be? Let us tell you. Currently working on our 5th Lego Star Wars Droid, we’ll share what we learned in this fun talk about robotics and droid building with an emphasis on Lego.

Saturday – 11 am – Panel Room 2

Get an introduction to the galaxy’s most famous droid, R2-D2! See how R2 has infiltrated film and pop culture beyond Star Wars, and get an inside look on how droids are constructed from the R2 Builders Club!

Saturday – noon – Panel Room 2

For some people, the favorite memories from their childhoods are playing with toys. Mark Bellomo and Brian Volk Weiss take a look at some of America’s greatest toy franchises, including the people and companies that created them in their series: The Toys that Made Us. Join them as they discuss the first season and catch a glimpse of what the next season holds.

Saturday – 1 pm – Panel Room 2

Jordan Hembrough is a collectibles dealer specializing in the toy market. His reputation for being the `in-demand dealer’ of rare toys precedes him, but it also adds to the pressure of the hunts, and in order to deliver the goods, Hembrough often has to deal with reluctant sellers, relentlessly haggle to stay within his budgets, and manoeuvre around unforeseen roadblocks. Join us as Jordan shares behind-the-scences info and answers your questions all about Toy Hunting.

Saturday – 2 pm – Panel Room 2

Gus Lopez is a legendary Star Wars collector. His collection of Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, and memorabilia is known throughout the far reaches of the galaxy. Don’t miss out on Gus sharing some of his favorite movie props he has collected over the decades.

Saturday – 3 pm – Panel Room 2

Did you know Hasbro made things like the Cruise Missile Trooper and “Attack” R5-D4? Characters named Whorm Loathsom, Wioslea? Holiday stylized figures? Join Ryan Beise, local co-host of Galaxy of Toys podcast, the MrByZ YouTube toy reviewer, and expert on the Star Wars Hasbro line as he goes through some of the strange, unique, and obscure Star Wars toys made by Hasbro.

Podcast Stage
Saturday – 11 am – Podcast Stage

Two friends talking about comic books, movies, t.v. shows, and gaming.

Saturday – 2 pm – Podcast Stage

If you have a podcast, or have been thinking about starting a podcast, come on out to A Shared Universe Podcast Stage at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest and podcast with Ming and Bryan.  The studio is equipped with 6 mics and all of the gear to walk with your recording. Sign up for a free 20 minute slot at the show and meet the crew at the Podcast Stage area at your time.

Saturday – 3 pm – Podcast Stage

Do you ever look at your toys sitting on the shelf or in a storage bin and wonder “what am I going to do with these?”  Toy Photography  is a fun hobby that gets you moving and stretches your creativity!  Join Eric Ronnebeck (instagram: @IntangibleDandy) for an introduction into the world of Toy Photography!

There will be displays for backgrounds as well as natural scenery to help inspire a new hobby. Grab some of those toys you have collecting dust, a camera (phone works fine) ,and explore Toy Photography!

FOB Puyallup Stage
Saturday – 11 am – FOB Puyallup Stage

YoJoe.com Presents: Knowing is Half the Battle – 50 years of G.I. Joe.  A look at the evolution of an American icon; a brand spanning six decades, two films, cartoons, comic books and more. It’s an all out fun time for America’s favorite backyard battlefield veteran, G.I.Joe!

Saturday – noon – FOB Puyallup Stage

Hear from the real heroes as they talk about missions, gear, vehicles, ops, and serving our community.

Saturday – 2pm – FOB Puyallup Stage

In designing figures for the Joe line, Ron Rudat had a VERY intricate process to go through: Part One: Bringing the Concept to Life 1) The concept of the figure is begun in “brainstorming sessions.” When the design team got together they talked about what they would like to see–and came up with various figure titles.  Come hear two experts discuss everything GI Joe:  Mark Bellomo and Brian Volk-Weiss

Saturday – noon – FOB Puyallup Stage

Hear from the real heroes as they talk about missions, gear, vehicles, ops, and serving our community.