T.E.C. is here!

The Washington State Summer Con is proud to introduce our newest feature/friend for the show.  Please welcome T.E.C. to our lineup.  You could describe T.E.C. as a personal assistant, an alarm clock, or your personal public address system. 

We are always looking to improve our processes and systems at Suumer Con, so our team created something for all of the fans looking for greater communication and more information while at the show.  T.E.C. is a simple and organized system where you can follow and track your favorite celebrities, events, or panels at the show. 

The process is easy. Click on the link below, and it will take you to the T.E.C. Registration Application page. We use SMS/text and email channels to communicate the essential information only for the topics that you are interested in receiving during Summer Con.  Just fill out the form with your name and your cell phone number for the specific topics or celebrities that you would like updates.

No SPAM or JUNK.  The system is very streamlined and once you are done receiving updates just reply STOP and all messages will end.

We anticipate sending only essential messages through T.E.C.  Here are some example text messages that we would expect to send to the requested attendees.  

  • Photo ops for XYZ will be queuing in 10 minutes. 
  • UPDATE: Photo ops for _________ are running 10 minutes behind and will now queue at _____. 
  • No need to head the photo ops right now, the queuing time has been moved to blank. 
  • Hello Charlie Hunnam fans, the Sons of Anarchy panel is coming up on the main stage in 15 minutes. 
  • Smallville fans, this is the last call for all group photo ops.