Master Class by Steranko

Chance of a lifetime – sit in with America’s Premier Graphic Innovator!

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An event that will change your perception of the comics form, staged by the medium’s most innovative and controversial creators.

The Washington State Summer Con is proud to host a marathon
with one of America’s most popular and highly-honored figures!

This is a special pre-show event to kick off Summer Con
Friday, June 14th at 7 pm in Puyallup.

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Here’s your chance to connect with one of the field’s most influential creators!  Sit in with comics legend Jim Steranko as he explores, examines, and explains the techniques that earned him a place among the medium’s giants – advanced techniques he has developed over a lifetime of experimentation, that will help you launch your career and develop a powerful storytelling approach like the pros!  The INTENSE FOUR-HOUR WORKSHOP will provide a forum to answer your specific questions about mastering NARRATIVE ART – in the most information-packed evening you’ll ever experience!

Steranko plans to run the group through an intense exploration and explanation of THE SECRETS OF THE COMICBOOK PAGE – on a personal one-on-one basis.  The spectrum covered will extend from theory to technique, and focus extensively on powerful, sophisticated approaches that have earned him the premier position in the storytelling medium – including a wealth of material he will be REVEALING HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME.  

A Powerpoint Slideshow will accompany the masterclass, so that EVERY cool concept is delivered with graphic precision and easily understood.  The FOUR-HOUR SESSION (yes, the original two-day sessions have now been combined into one!) will be explosive with storytelling renditions that will help upcoming artists and writers launch their careers, aide full-time pros to develop a powerhouse narrative approach – and define an enhanced line of visual considerations to all comic-art collectors and connoisseurs.

Steranko will reveal the secrets of mastering NARRATIVE ART – in comics, animation, and film!

Develop a Powerful Storytelling Approach Like the Pros!
Highlights Include:

  • The best kept secret in comics – even pros fail to unravel the mystery!
  • The biggest mistake fan artists and writers make in their work!
  • The language of panel imagery!
  • Creating pictures with meaning!
  • Composition secrets to make your story move like lightning!
  • What to show – and what not to show!
  • Creating visual, temporal continuity:  What to draw next!
  • Unifying image and content!
  • Intuitive vs. analytical approaches!
  • Understanding the narrative format!
  • Subliminal Storytelling:  A surprising, new approach never before revealed in any form!
  • Techniques the pros ignore:  using the comics form to best advantage!
  • How to make science fiction and fantasy work in the comics!
  • Building dramatic scenes: Five easy stages!
  • Using cinematic technique in comic book storytelling!
  • The ideal comics page!
  • When and why to use establishing shots, close-ups, two shots, angle shots, and trick shots!
  • Creating character conflict through panel composition!
  • The triumph of technique over subject matter!
  • Mastering double-page layouts!
  • Dramatic symbolism!
  • Composition secrets to make your story move like lightning!
  • What to show – and what not to show!
  • Capturing dramatic highlights!
  • Orchestrating panels for maximum dramatic impact!
  • The Outline Method Of Page Plotting!
  • Action panels vs. dramatic panels!
  • Establishing relationships between shows for powerful storytelling!
  • The use of visual metaphors!
  • Understanding tempo and pacing!
  • Controlling the compression and expansion of time!
  • Techniques for creating action-packed narratives!
  • How to create suspense and tension for maximum reader interest!
  • Generating pyramiding conflict in the comics!
  • Achieving exciting narrative art through contrast!
  • Structural rhythm, repetition, and eye movement!
  • Storytelling without words!
  • The concept of cover art!
  • Traditional vs. Experimental approaches!
  • How to submit samples that make a powerful impression!
Sit in with comics legend Jim Steranko as he personally explores, examines, and explains the techniques that earned him a place among the medium’s giants – techniques that will help you launch your careers!  He has planned a marathon FOUR-HOUR MASTER CLASS to answer all your questions about the art of storytelling.
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imited for this special event!
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