Cosplay Contest Rules

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  1. Contest Period. The Contest shall take place on Saturday June 15, 2019. The Contest schedule will be posted at the show’s Cosplay Contest Stage. Entries will be taken until 11:59 PM PST June 10, 2019 (“deadline”).
  2. Initial Sign-ups. The Contest will accept registrations online. Verification will take place on Saturday June 15, 2019 from 10:00-11:00 AM at the Registration Table.
  3. All participants must have purchased an attendance ticket and must read and agree to follow all Cosplay Contest rules. If one member of your group is found in violation of these rules (or the event policies), the entire group is disqualified.
  4. By registering and participating in the Cosplay Contest, participants allow the Washington State Summer Con to use their images for promotional purposes during and after the event. This includes both photographs and video.
  5. Entry forms must be completed and turned in if you wish to compete at the Information Booth.
  6. All events are mandatory attendance. Neglecting to attend the pre-meeting, your tech rehearsal time slot, or the Cosplay Contest itself will result in disqualification. Craftsmanship judging time slots are the only optional event, and are assigned at the pre-meeting to participants who elect to have their craftsmanship judged. If for any reason you need to drop out, please let us know. Failure to notify staff in a timely manner may bar individuals/groups from Cosplay Contest participation at future Summer Con events.
  7. Participants will be doing a “walk-on” entry (not performing a skit, but still having craftsmanship judged) and are allowed a total of one minute onstage. Going beyond this time limit will result in disqualification, except in cases where a disability or cumbersome costume requiring extra time to enter/exit is brought to the attention of staff. This needs to be identified at the time of registration.  The staff will do all it can to properly accommodate individuals within this category.
  8. Please refrain from swearing, sexual contact, nudity, dangerous fight choreography, or any combination therein. Safe and well-rehearsed fight choreography is perfectly fine. Encouraging the audience is acceptable, but no direct audience interaction is allowed.
  9. Please do not bring messy substances like food, glitter, glue, or open containers of cream/liquid/powder makeup to the prep room or to the stage area, for the safety of all costumes involved in the production.
  10. Participants must abide by all event policies while competing. Safety is paramount so if your prop is not peacebound, you may not bring it on-stage. Masks are acceptable in the prep room and onstage.
  11. All forms of media are welcome in our competition, but not all subject matters. Please check any racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or other hateful things at the door. Violating this rule will result in being removed from the competition and being banned from all future Summer Con Cosplay Contests. At the discretion of the staff, individuals who violate this rule may be asked to leave the Festival.
  12. Pre-recorded audio for skits is REQUIRED. Please include your group leader’s name and your entry title in the filename. We will not rip or play audio off of cell phones, MP3 players, or youtube. The only microphones allowed onstage are for the MCs. Do not ask us to bypass these rules, as you will be denied.
  13. Craftsmanship and Skit judging are handled by a separate panel of judges. As such, you must elect to have your craftsmanship judged when filling out your entry form. Individual participants may only appear once onstage, but you may “model” multiple costumes by putting other costumes on other participants within your group or in other groups.
  14. If you elect to have craftsmanship judged, your costume may not be bought, rented, or commissioned in full. Parts such as wigs, shoes, and pants can be bought or commissioned, but at least 70% of your costume must be made yourself. Any parts that are purchased must be identified at the time of registration.
  15. Participants must compete at the highest skill division within their group for the entry type in question.