Press/Media Application

Press Applications are due June 1, 2020.  Press/Media Passes are for legitimate Press Outlets only.  Due to the amount of Media requests, not all requests will be granted.  Priority will be given to the outlets that will cover the Washington State Summer Con in advance of the show as well as during and after the show.  Absolutely NO interviews will be granted any approved media outlet (or non-approved) without advanced written permission.

Overview of Press Pass Rules and Show Policies

The Washington State Summer Con will issue limited Press/Media credentials for the 2020 show.  Registration will only be considered to journalists making editorial contributions only.  Editorial Press includes Reporters, Writers, Reviewers, Producers, Photographers, and Cameramen who are attending specifically to cover the Washington State Summer Con for a bona fide Press Outlet.   Non-Editorial staff will not be issued a Press Pass including Marketing, Administrative or Sales of Media Outlets.

Press Passes will not be approved for outlets created with the sole intent of obtaining free admission.  Having a website, podcast, personal blog, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, or recording equipment will not qualify you to be awarded a Press Pass.  Every application submitted will be verified and all decisions will be final.

A Press Pass is valid during all public hours.  A Press Pass does not allow for early access, celebrity access, or special access.  A Press Pass does not allow you to cut lines, guarantee seats, or gain access for interviews, autographs, time with any celebrity or invited guest.  All holders of a Press Pass must follow all Washington State Summer Con policies – including our Anti-Harassment rules.

Access to an Celebrity Guest must be arranged in advance through the Director prior to the show and after a Press Pass have been approved.  Interviews with Celebrities, Director or Staff talent will not be approved during the event.  Celebrity Guests have approved schedules and contracts preventing unauthorized media interviews.  On-site media requests for Directors and Staff are very low in importance in lieu of executing the demanding schedule during the event.

The issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of the directors of the Washington State Summer Con.  A press badge is provided as a courtesy for you to cover the event.  Stunts, ambush interviewing, unauthorized recording, or disobeying directives of any staff at the Washington State Summer Con are grounds for immediate removal.  All issued press badges are held to the stated Event’s Code of Conduct.

There will be no onsite registration for press.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing and review. You will be notified via email if you have been approved or declined.  A Press Pass is complimentary for members of the media and we will not provide a plus one, guest, or child badge.  A Press Pass is a courtesy and is non-transferable.  Transfer a badge to another person will revoke your access to this event and prevent access in the future.

A Press Pass does not give you early access, special access, or assigned seating to any of our panels. You must wait in the same line as the general attendees.

Any video taping/filming/recording of any matter that will be used for commercial purposes (non news) must first obtain advance written permission from panel participants and the Washington State Summer Con. Live streaming a panel is not permitted without advance written permission from panel participants and the Washington State Summer Con.

Job title, position, or type of work
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