Autograph and Photo Pre-Sale Information

We are pleased to offer advanced ticket purchases for autographs and professional photos at the Washington State Summer Con.

Only ticket holders to the Washington State Summer Con will be allowed to purchase advanced photos ops and autographs.  If you have purchased a Saturday or 2-day admission ticket, you will be able to purchase a Saturday Photo Op or Autograph.  Likewise, Sunday and 2-day admission ticket holders can purchase opportunities on Sunday.  Autograph and photo purchases are non-refundable.

Photo Ops:  Times will be scheduled and posted closer to the show.

Autographs:  Some celebrities do not wish to pre-sell autographs, but instead sell their autographs at their table on the day of the show.  Any pre-purchased autograph is redeemable at any time that the celebrity is at their table on the designated day that the voucher was purchased.

At checkout, you will have to option to have your photo ops and/or autograph vouchers mailed to you or pick them up at Will Call.  There will be a Will Call booth near the autograph area and one at photo ops that you can pick up your advance purchases quickly and easily.

Advanced Photo Ops and Autographs

You must be a ticket holder for the day that you are purchasing Photo Ops and Autographs.

Advanced Photo Ops and Autograph Links
Billy Dee Williams Photo Ops At the Show
Carl Weathers Photo Ops Autograph
Jon Bernthal Photo Ops Autograph
Elizabeth Henstridge Photo Ops Autograph
Jason Mewes Photo Ops At the Show
Kristian Nairn Photo Ops Autograph
Temuera Morrison Photo Ops Autograph
John Ratzenberger Photo Ops Show Only
George Wendt Photo Ops Show Only
Paige O’Hara Photo Ops Autograph
Linda Larkin Photo Ops Autograph
Veronica Taylor Photo Ops Show Only
Brian O’Halloran Photo Ops At the Show
Marilyn Ghigliotti Photo Ops At the Show
Corey Dee Williams Photo Ops At the Show
Dave Barclay Photo Ops At the Show
Mike Quinn Photo Ops At the Show
Lucie Pohl Photo Ops At the Show
Carolina Ravassa Photo Ops At the Show
Anjali Bhimani Photo Ops At the Show
Group Photo Ops
Cheers Duo Photo Ops N/A
Overwatch Trio Photo Ops N/A
Clerks Duo Group Photo Ops N/A
Clerks Trio Group  Photo Ops N/A
Princess Team Up Photo Ops

Special Opportunities

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Jim Lee Platinum VIP

Cheers Duo Photo Op