Bobby Elvis has entered the lineup. Please welcome Mark Boone Junior to the Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup on June 21st-23rd. Mark played Bobby “Elvis” Munson, the treasury secretary of SAMCRO on Sons of Anarchy, for seven seasons.

Boone has had numerous memorable roles in movies and television. He has performed in over 70 films, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Get Carter, The General’s Daughter, The Thin Red Line, and Die Hard 2. He has made guest appearances on TV in Law & Order, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and several other shows. He played a small role in Armageddon and an HBO prison drama Oz episode. He portrayed a corrupt FBI agent in Se7en and a corrupt Detective Flass in Batman Begins.

In 1984, he acted in The Way It Is by Eric Mitchell, which included actors Steve Buscemi and Rockets Redglare. He has appeared in some of Buscemi’s directorial work, including Trees Lounge and as “Evil” in Lonesome Jim. In 1987, Boone co-starred with Richard Edson in Not a Door: A Spectacle, Scott B and Joseph Nechvatal’s collaborative art performance at Hallwalls based on the poetry of St. John of the Cross, Flaubert’s Temptation of St. Anthony and works of Jean Genet and Georges Bataille.

In an episode of the TV series Quantum Leap, he played a biker named Maddog, similar to his character many years later in Sons of Anarchy. He has appeared in two Christopher Nolan films: Memento, as Burt, the front desk manager at the Discount Inn, and Batman Begins, as Detective Flass, James Gordon’s crooked partner.

Boone started his career performing stand-up comedy with long-time friend Steve Buscemi.

Meet Mark Boone Junior all weekend at the Washington State Summer Con from June 21st through the 23rd. He will be signing autographs, taking photos, and speaking on an epic panel Sunday at the show.