We are honored for the return of one of the most famous Spider-Man artists to Puyallup this summer. Please welcome back Mark Bagley to the Washington State Summer Con from June 21st to the 23rd in Puyallup. Mark has spent much of his career at Marvel and spent a few years at DC. He has drawn all of the biggest names in the comic book genre. He co-created Carnage in The Amazing Spider-Man #361 in 1992.

He has worked for Marvel Comics on such titles as The Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, Venom, and Ultimate Spider-Man and for DC Comics on Justice League of America, Batman, and Trinity.

In 1983, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter created the Marvel Try-out Book to draw new talent into the comic book industry and Mark was the winner and later began his career at Marvel.

Mark has established himself as one of the most prolific and professional artists in the business. He is best known for his long runs on Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man. Mark completed Ultimate End with Brian Bendis. Brian and Bagley worked on Avengers Assemble, an Avengers title produced concurrently with Brilliant. To differentiate between other Avengers titles, Assemble consisted of the roster present in the Avengers film but set in the present Marvel continuity.

As part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, Bagley and writer Matt Fraction relaunched the Fantastic Four series in 2012. Bagley and Mark Waid collaborated on a Hulk series in 2014. In late 2017, Bagley made a return to Venom with issue #155, “Lethal Protector”, written by Mike Costa.