The Can’t Miss Event to Start Your Summer – June 21st-23rd


When do tickets go on sale?


Admission Tickets go on sale from late February to early March each year.

When do tickets go on sale?2023-02-05T14:43:05-08:00

Can I bring my pet?


Only State Approved Companion/Working animals are allowed.

Can I bring my pet?2023-02-05T14:37:22-08:00

Will I be on camera?


The short answer is yes, but not necessarily intentionally. Because of the nature of the show, hundreds of people will be taking photos and short

Will I be on camera?2023-02-05T14:36:26-08:00

What is the Washington State Summer Con


It is a gathering of people who enjoy toys, comic books, movies, television shows, collectibles, video games, and other fun in a celebration-styled convention.  The

What is the Washington State Summer Con2023-02-05T14:35:49-08:00

How do tickets work?


Tickets are purchased on our website.  After they are purchased, you will be emailed your tickets immediately.  Staff will scan the QR code on paper

How do tickets work?2023-02-05T14:23:46-08:00


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