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Marilyn Ghigliotti

Clerks, Rogue Warrior

Marilyn Ghigliotti is best known for her role as Veronica in Kevin Smith’s cult classic Clerks (1994). Since then she’s gone on to film Get a Job, Dead and Gone, Alien Armageddon, and Geek USA. Ghigliotti has performed in several short films including Bad Hair Day, Dig, Negotiations, Roadkill, and #Rip. 

Coming from a Puerto Rican family background born in New York and raised in New Jersey, of course there’s a lot of spunk and attitude. This Jersey New Yorican had to learn to survive many moves and many changes in surrounding cultures. Marilyn’s petiteness and shyness helped in making her aware of others who were treated badly due to differences even if that difference was just popularity.

Seeing and hearing of many injustices growing up, Marilyn wished there were a way to help, which fits in with her niche “Clashing of Ideologies, Cultures and Belief Systems” where the characters she has portrayed, fights for the rights of others in many ways. Like the character she portrays, many have grown to love as Veronica, one of the most popular films of 1994, the cult classic Clerks. Marilyn continues to be drawn to those kinds of characters, which is evident in the latest independent films written and directed by Neil Johnson, such as Starship Rising, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter playing a Warlord, saving the planet from invasion and Evolution War.

Marilyn has played many strong characters with heart and weaknesses in productions before moving to LA in 1997 such as Crimes of the Heart, Same Time Next Year, Wait Until Dark and many, many more.

Since moving to LA, Marilyn produced along with fellow acting students, a theater production titled Bedroom Stories, a series of one act plays with great reviews. Other acting credits that shows diversity include short films – Bad Hair day, Negotiations which won official selection DGA first cut, Roadkill, winning BestFest America 1st place horror/thriller 2007, Dig, Best Director nomination, Best Supporting Actress Nom for Marilyn, and Neighbors. Feature films – Dead and Gone, Alien Armageddon, Geek USA and Lake Eerie.

Because being creative is all she knows, Marilyn doesn’t just act, she also works as a hair and makeup on weddings, behind the camera, and has also done still photography on set as well as shooting actors headshots. Marilyn was set to reprise her role loved by so many, as Veronica in Clerks III written and directed by Kevin Smith, but is heartbroken the film has since been canceled.

Marilyn has been cast in other productions that are in development or preproduction and awaiting news for At the End of the Santa Fe Trail, a pilot shot in Albuquerque, NM and got picked up for The Christian Channel. Marilyn can now call herself a Director and filmmaker. She had directed one short film
and set to direct another the wrote. Marilyn has been part of a film group for a year and call themselves Friends Who Film, where they have written 8 short films as an anthology. 3 of the shorts have been shot after running a crowdfunding project where it was just enough to shoot the 3. Now they are running another crowdfunding project on GoFundMe to edit those 3 and shoot and edit the remaining 5 shorts. Marilyn has also optioned a feature length film and hopes to start production on that within the next year.

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