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Corey Dee Williams

The Return of the Jedi

Being one of Jabba the Hutt’s guards on his Sail Barge, acting as a stand-in and body double for Lando Calrissian on Return of the Jedi, having your own Kenner action figure, and getting to spend Father’s Day weekend with your dad were all the reasons that we decided to bring Corey Dee Williams to the Washington State Summer Con this year. Please welcome Klaatu to our lineup this year!

Corey Dee Williams is the son of Hollywood icon Billy Dee Williams.  When Corey was only 22 years old, he came to the set of Return of the Jedi with his dad.  He was soon offered the opportunity to be his dad’s stand-in during the desert skiff scene and then as the role of KLAATU, one of Jabba’s guard on his sail barge.

Spending a few weeks on set and having your Dad respected by the crew was a sure fire way for Corey to be asked to don the costume of this odd green creature. In then end his scenes were very short, but he left the set of Return of the Jedi with an amazing story to tell, and also the awesome honor of becoming a Kenner action figure!

Corey has worked on a few other films, but acting was not his passion. Corey is now a fitness and lifestyle coach who has trained famous people and everyday people like you and me.

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