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Scott Williams

Comic Talent: DC, Marvel

Scott Williams, veteran comic book artist/inker of over 30 years, has contributed his talents to almost every major Marvel and DC publishing title and event. He is best known as the other half of the Jim Lee art team on now classic books from X-Men, to Batman Hush and the recent Action and Detective #1000 milestone issues. Scott is also a cover artist for DC and Marvel, where he most recently provided art for the front of the new Uncanny X-Men series.

Scott has worked on titles such as X-men, Superman, Batman, Wildcats, The Punisher, and All Star Batman and Robin, which is written by Frank Miller. He has done work on most every major comic book property from the largest two publishers.

Scott has illustrated numerous comics throughout his early career, but is best known for his collaborations with Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio. Together, the trio developed a new style that soon became the unofficial look that swept through Marvel and DC Comics throughout the 90’s.

There are very few people who influence an entire industry. Scott Williams is such an artist.

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