Please welcome another legendary comic book artist, Bob Hall, to the lineup for this year’s Washington State Summer Con on June 23rd-25th. We are honored to welcome a long-time Marvel artist and co-creator of The West Coast Avengers to the Pacific Northwest.
Bob Hall has worked on many of Marvel’s books and characters, including pencils for The Champions, Spiderman, Thor, What If, Doctor Strange, New Mutants, Team Up The Fantastic Four, three runs on The Avengers, the graphic novel, Emperor Doom and many others including the movie books for Willow, Darkman and the notorious first Captain America film. He co-created The West Coast Avengers and Squadron Supreme and drew the Spiderman/SNLTeam-Up. He was an editor there in 1978.
For Valiant/Acclaim Comics, he wrote and penciled Shadowman, wrote Timewalker and created the “comic book-noir” series Armed and Dangerous. For DC, he wrote and drew the graphic novels Batman DOA, I, Joker, and It’s Jokertime and did issues of Batman and Chase.
He has done various work since, working for Future Comics, a Platinum Kiss Comic, the new Valiant and doing covers for Marvel. Recently he has created educational/fantasy comics about the measles virus, Carnival of Contagion, mosquitoes in Mosquitoes Suck, and a weekly comic page for kids on COVID, called C’rona Comix
He is also a theatre director, having directed over 200 plays professionally and founded a Shakespeare Festival in 2001 in Lincoln, Nebraska.