Magic the Gathering – Main Event

Tournament Overview

This year’s Magic the Gathering Main Event at Washington State Summer Con is going to be big! With our new sponsor and operator, game ON!, comes MUCH better prizes! How much better? How about this: The winner of the Modern Tournament Main Event will win a COMPLETE SET OF 10 REVISED DUAL LANDS IN NEAR MINT CONDITION!! Here is a picture of the exact cards that will be awarded to the winner. You can check them out in person at game ON! in the South Hill Mall in Puyallup.

The best part about this is it will not cost you anything extra to play in the main event. Your purchase of the special game ON! Washington State Summer Con 2019 Magic the Gathering Modern Constructed Tournament Main Event ticket gets you into the main event as well as entrance into the Washington State Summer Con!  There is an option to purchase a 1 or 2 day ticket to the Washington State Summer Con, but you must purchase the special MAGIC ADMISSION TICKETS to be registered and entered into the tournament. 

The Main Event will be held on Saturday at 11 am and will last until we crown the champion. There will also be side events all day Saturday as well as events all day Sunday.

Tournament Specifics

  • The tournament format is Modern Constructed.
  • PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THE MAIN EVENT IS REQUIRED AND SPACE IS LIMITED!  Purchasing a Main Event is the only way to pre-register.
  • The main event will be a 1 day event. All DCI rules will be followed at the Competitive Rules Enforcement Level (REL).
  • There will be additional prizes! Check back here often or at or for additional announcements.
  • Side events such as Modern Horizons drafts (releases June 14), etc. will be offered throughout both days. Side events will have additional entry fees.

How to Pre-Register

  • Step 1 – Purchase your 1-day or 2-day Summer Con Main Event tickets.

  • Step 2 – Read your Registration email on June 1st with all of the tournament details.

  • Step 3 – Check-in at the game ON! Tournament check-in desk by 10:45 am on June 15th.


GRAND PRIZE: A complete set of Revised Dual Lands in near mint condition.

2nd Place: 2 booster boxes of Modern Horizons
3rd & 4th Places: 1 booster box of Modern Horizons
5th – 8th Places: Planechase Anthology OR $100 game ON! Gift Certificate
9th – 16th Places: FTV Lore OR $50 game ON! Gift Certificate
Admission Tickets and Pre-Registration