To celebrate Pokémon Day, let’s announce the new lead on Pokémon Horizons to our Summer Con lineup this year! Please welcome Alejandra Reynoso to the Washington State Summer Con from June 21st to the 23rd in Puyallup.

Alejandra Reynoso is an actress and voice actress best known for her work in shows like Netflix’s HIT video game adaptation Castlevania (the first-ever video game adaptation to be certified “FRESH” on Rotten Tomatoes) where she voiced Sypha Belnades, in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood where she voiced cold, calculating bounty hunter, Vanari, and Nickelodeon’s Winx Club where she voiced the sweet Fairy of Nature, Flora and her pixie sidekick Chatta! In 2023, Alejandra joined the legendary Pokémon family as the voice of Liko, the lead protagonist of Pokémon Horizons: The Series!

Alejandra has also worked on various big video game titles, like Square Enix’s Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (where she voices Neon), DOTA 2 (as the hero Dawnbreaker), Legends of Runeterra (as the Marai Warden and Rissu, the Silent Storm), NieR: Reincarnation (as Saryu, the Witch), Redemption Reapers (as Ashen Hawk, Sarah), Shadowverse (as Amaryllis), breakout success Astral Ascent (as Oloon), and Epic Seven (where she voices twin, half-dragon sisters Melany and Christy). You can also hear Alejandra in Ubisoft’s AAA titles Far Cry 6, Just Cause 4, and Red Dead Redemption II.

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