A brief history of what preceded Summer Con

Images and Events is an event photography company that produces large-scale events for the public to enjoy.  Each year, Images and Events captures over 300,000 photos of children and families in the Puget Sound area.  With a focus on technology and a passion to deliver immediate photos, our company has grown rapidly over the last twelve years.  Our event staff can accommodate the largest of crowds and stressful environments as we deliver the best in event photography.

Ten years ago, Images and Events began taking Santa Portraits at a local mall and quickly out-grew the confines and limitations of a shopping center.  In 2014, the North Pole at the Fair was built to reinvent seasonal Santa photos.  Gone are the long lines and frustration.  The North Pole offers reservations for portraits and a 12,000 sq. ft. area of Christmas immersion and imaginative play for children.  We have now taken over 1.55 million Santa photos over the last decade.

Four years ago, Images and Events began developing large events for the public to enjoy.  The focus has been centered on developing and inspiring the imaginations and creativity in children, adults, and families.  Images and Events has put developed the Storybook Village at the Washington State Spring Fair entertaining thousands of kids each year.  In 2017, the Imagination Workshop was built to inspired the imaginations and creativity in adults and children during 20+ days at the Washington State Fair.

The Pierce County Toy and Geek Fest was created in 2017 with the help of a local toy store as a low-cost and fun little endeavor true to our toy roots.  The building was at capacity and attendance exceeded all expectations.  That show spawned to much larger Washington State Toy and Geek Fest in June of 2018.  The show adapted many new facets and opportunities.  We added celebrities, guests, artists, video games, exhibits, displays, attractions, children’s activites, cosplay, gaming tournaments, and so many other things that were at our event.   As we grow in 2019, our name needed to grow as well to adapt everything in addition to the toy and geek components.

Enter the Washington State Summer Con on June 15th and 16th in 2019.

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