Summer Con is on the Move

The dreaded time has come that we have to abandon hope that the Washington State Summer Con will be allowed to happen on June 20th and 21st. Currently, our Governor has a “stay at home” order that goes through May. He has identified events like ours a “Phase 4” event which will not be allowed to occur at least through July, and most likely into the fall.
I have had daily conversations with numerous federal, state, county, and local health and elected officials since early March. Our team has developed countless scenarios and options including limiting attendance, social distancing, and some impressively creative solutions that were all met with a resounding “not going to happen” as the answer.
The Washington State Summer Con 2020 is not canceling or postponing. Instead, it is moving. We have been feverishly working behind the scenes, and are attempting something unprecedented (as far as we can tell) for the convention scene.
We are taking the complete 2-day 2020 Summer Con IN ITS ENTIRETY (guests, celebrities, and attractions) and COMBINING it with what would have been a 2-day show in 2021 to create a 3-day SUPER Summer Con next year. The dates will be June 18-20, 2021. We are not going to let a virus destroy our fun. This will be TWO FULL Summer Con conventions cover 4-5 buildings and will not simply be the 2020 show postponed until 2021.
I love the show and lineup that was built for this year, and this “Transplant and Increase” strategy that will satisfy the fans, guests, and vendors in the best way moving forward. We had announced 45 entertainment and comic book guests, and 5 that we were planning to announce in April for the 2020 show. I am happy to report that nearly ALL have agreed to MOVE with us to the dates in 2021, assuming they have no professional scheduling conflicts. A few are still checking their schedules, but expect to be joining us in Puyallup in 2021.
We have a plan that we will be rolling out over the next week where we will contact everyone that purchased their tickets. Watch for an email later this week. Many of you will want refunds and many will want to transfer your tickets. These next steps will be organized and refunds will be processed orderly. We ask for a little bit of patience as we promise to get everyone taken care of through the thousands of orders so far. All of the admission ticket money has remained in the bank, and we will start processing refund emails later this week. Please don’t bombard us with messages and emails yet. If we do this in order, we won’t miss anyone.
For those that would like refunds, we will apply that amount to the card that you used to purchase the tickets. For those that would like to transfer their tickets, we have some special treats for you. If you need ANY special accommodations, you will have an opportunity to let us know in the email. You DO NOT need to contact us before we send the email to you.
We have made this temporary page with this information and all updates and future information pertaining to refunds and transfers. Scroll to the bottom of the page as we will update the statuses and give you an idea where we are in regards to your order number.

Refunds and Transfers

Ticket holders will receive emails beginning Thursday 5/7
Please be patient, and we promise to get in touch with all ticket holders within one week.

All ticket holders will be given the option for a refund or transfer their tickets to the 2021 event.  Click Here to see the Transfer Chart.

Ticket Transfer Chart

Order Progress

First Order Number: 38652
Last Order Number:  44201

Order Number that we have processed through – 44201 (as of 7:30 pm on 5/12)
All orders have been emailed their instructions for transfer or refund.  If you haven’t received it check your spam folders.