2020 to 2021 Transfer Chart

The Washington State Summer Con 2020 is not canceling or postponing.  Instead, it is moving. We have been feverishly working behind the scenes, and are attempting something unprecedented (as far as we can tell) for the convention scene.

We are taking the complete 2-day 2020 Summer Con IN ITS ENTIRETY (guests, celebrities, and attractions) and COMBINING it with what would have been a 2-day show next year in 2021. The result will be a 3-day SUPER Summer Con next year. The dates will be June 18-20, 2021. We are not going to let a virus destroy our fun. This will be TWO FULL Summer Con conventions covering 4-5 buildings and will not simply be the 2020 show postponed until 2021.

2020 ticket holders will have the opportunity to get a full refund on their ticket purchase or will have the opportunity to transfer their tickets to 2021 with some added perks.  Ticket holders will be emailed over the next week to indicate what choice they would like with their purchase.