Travis is an artist and graphic designer that has a portfolio of great work. What drew us to Travis were his incredible movie posters that were immaculately detailed and original.

When we first approached Travis, the conversation went something like, “Would you consider creating a Summer Con exclusive poster to help us celebrate one of our…” Before we could finish, Travis said, “Carl Weathers! YES!” So we knew we had our artist.

Travis will be featuring not one, but two Carl Weathers tribute posters at his booth at Washington State Summer Con on June 15th and 16th. The first one pictured is his Creed vs. Drago boxing poster. His second poster will be from a different iconic Carl Weather’s role to be shared later.

Travis Bundy creates original designs of movie posters, original art, and prints. He is an illustrator and designer whose first love was horror, action and Sci-Fi movies. He has made comics, graphic novels and posters for the last 20 years and continues to be a part of the local art scene. His pug’s name is Ajax.