Great news! Summer Con will feature a Creative Classroom this year dedicated to teaching kids and adults to draw, create, and illustrate. AND, we just found an amazing teacher!

We just received a call to find out that Commander Mark Kistler from the Imagination Station is hopping on a plane from Texas to join us at the Washington State Summer Con! Mark is awesome and has taught millions of children how-to-draw over the last 40 years on his Public Television Series “The Secret City” in the 1980’s, and “The Imagination Station” in the 1990’s.

Mark will be with us both days of Summer Con meeting with his fans, inspiring us all to draw, and be one of our featured artists our new Creative Classroom this year. One room dedicated to teaching and encouraging all kids and adults to be create, draw, and use their imaginations.

Mark has written and illustrated many popular drawing books with over 1 million books sold. With Simon & Schuster Publishers Mark’s books include; “Learn to Draw with Commander Mark”, “Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad”, “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station”, and “Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler”. With Scholastic Publishers his four-book children’s series is titled “Dare-to-Draw in 3-D!” His most recent books, “You Can Draw in 30-Days”, and “You Can Draw in 30-Minutes” published with Da Capo Press, are his first books oriented more for adult learning.

Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in 3-D builds a child’s critical thinking skills while nourishing self-esteem. His positive messages on self-image, goal setting, dream questing, environmental awareness and the power of reading have inspired millions of children to discover their awesome individual potential.