So the conversation happened like this:
“Would you like us to bring some exotic animals to Summer Con?”

Us: “Of course, YES… but how can we get away with selling exotic animals to a comic con crowd?”

After 2 minutes, we realized that we are bringing Ninja Turtles to the show… and turtles are animals… Boom. Second thought… Jason Mewes holding a hedgehog and/or a baby kangaroo while playing Fortnite…” SOLD!

Please welcome our friends at the Pacific Northwest Reptile & Exotic Animal Show to the Washington State Summer Con on June 15th and 16th.

Positioned in the booth across from the Ninja Turtles will be any combinations of kangaroos, chameleons, hedgehogs, foxes, and who knows what else. Don’t worry, we nixed all snakes, spiders, and anything that might spook the reptile-weary. This will be an awesome opportunity for all to enjoy something exotic besides Ming and Bryan Johnson eating corn (you had to be there).