Of course we are bringing back the retro arcade to the Washington State Summer Con! We just received the list and wow! Check out the list below that includes Pinball, Race cars, and all of the retro classics at the show. Stay tuned for some prizes and contests that are happening.

The scheduled list of games includes:

Walking Dead Pinball
Transformers Pinball
Big Hurt Pinball
Cruisn’ World linked drivers
Rush Alcatraz linked drivers
Crazy Taxi
Gauntlet Legends
Star Wars
Pac Man
Ms Pac Man
Dig Dug
Moon Patrol
Championship Sprint
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Pac Man Battle Royale 4 player
Round Up
Big Buck Hunter
Wizard of War
Missile Command
Captain America

An awesome list. Thank you Jerry and company for bringing the retro heat.