We wouldn’t only invite the Imperial forces and not bring our favorite Alpha Base members from the Rebel Legion as well. Please welcome the Rebels toWashington State Summer Con on June 15th and 16th.

The Alpha Base will be sending a large contingent of Rebel forces to Summer Con to keep an eye out for any Imperial entanglements. Rebel heroes, X-Wing pilots, Jedi, and even folks from the Resistance will all be on patrol.

We have been warned that since we will have a Landspeeder on the grounds, we might see some Tusken Raiders and even Jawas lurking in the area.

These volunteers have the most amazing costumes and only noble aspirations to have fun and raise money for charities. Look for the Rebels throughout the show and in the Star Wars: The Ultimate Experience area. Over 10,000 sq ft of Star Wars fun. What could be better?