It looks like Doc Brown and his time machine are coming back this year to the Washington State Summer Con. Doc will be bringing two replica DeLorean Time Machines this summer from Back to the Future. This was a hit attraction for attendees at our last show, and we are excited to have them both back to join us in Puyallup.

You will marvel at the interior, exterior, movie props, and the endless details that the owners have included on this car. Sure it is equipped with the famous flux capacitor, but this DeLorean has the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor to power Doc Brown through time.

Stand on the hover board next to the time machine to recreate your Marty McFly movie moment. This vehicle has traveled across the United States raising money for local charitable causes, and it has been autographed by numerous cast and crew from the movie. Let’s get Back in Time and get ready your Marty, Lorraine, Doc and Biff cosplay because we will have the car ready for you.