While the alluring toys displayed at Toy and Geek Fest 2018 may not always be the kind you want to take out of their packaging, there are plenty of ways younger members of your party can have lots of fun and enjoy the Fest for themselves, too. With activities targeted to keep busy minds and tiny hands entertained, other members of the family can take in some of the event’s more advanced fares, while younger children have plenty of opportunities to have more age-appropriate fun (and keep out of the clutches of Roxy!).


Build something new at one of the Lego Exhibits or with Bricks 4 Kidz

We’ve learned from experience, that if there’s anything kids can agree on, it’s that when it comes to LEGOs, everything is awesome!

That’s why we’re happy to welcome the builders of SeaLUG (the Seattle LEGO Users Group) and the PSLTC (Puget Sound LEGO Train Club) to Toy and Geek Fest 2018. They’re packing major displays for young builders to marvel at, that will take up quite a bit of real estate.

However, it’s not enough to just look at LEGOs… chances are, your child is probably going to want to do some building of their own!

That’s why Bricks 4 Kidz is coming too, with plenty of LEGO build stations in tow. These trained professionals are experts at working with children to help construct something new out of those familiar bricks and motors. Not only will they help teach your party’s younger members how to build, they might even make things a little educational along the way!


Dig for Dinos by the Jurassic Park Jeeps

This year, Jurassic Park is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is already roaring its way through theaters. Chances are, your little paleontologists would be all too happy getting up close and personal with some of the jeeps from the movies, as well as any dino bones waiting to be discovered nearby!

Members of the Jurassic Park NW Division are bringing these three replica movie vehicles from the original Jurassic Park franchise, and will be present at the event dressed in the uniforms of the Jurassic Park staff. They’ll be on hand to answer questions about the movies, the vehicles, and to pose for photos… as well as ward off any hungry velociraptors lurking in the area!

The dino dig areas nearby are perfect for smaller kids to play around in, and have some fun unearthing a dinosaur themselves!


Defeat the Sith, with Jet City Temple’s lightsaber training

As you might have heard, Toy and Geek Fest 2018 is bringing forward quite the Star Wars contingent: we’ve got a fiercesome Rancor monster, three different costumed fan groups, plenty of toy collectors, and even a couple of landspeeders… so why wouldn’t we have our own jedi training temple, too?

As the official Washington chapter of Saber Guild International, Jet City Temple is an Lucasfilm recognized, not-for-profit lightsaber performance group. They’re leading special trainings each day for young padawans, teaching them how to use the force, understand lightsaber forms and techniques, and spar against other young learners.

They might even get their chance to take down a member of the Sith! No worries: a Force-sensitive photographer or two will be on hand to capture all the action.


Take a picture with movie cars, like the Transformers

Autobots, roll out! There are plenty of cars at Toy and Geek Fest 2018 that are absolutely photo worthy, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that these cars from the Transformers movie franchise weren’t some of our favorites!

Autobot leader Optimus Prime, Decepticon leader Galvatron, and Combaticon member Onslaught, will all be lined up and ready for photos at the Fest. These are no replicas, but the actual trucks used during filming of various installments in the Transformers movies. This is probably one of the only opportunities you’ll get to see these robots in disguise up close and personal!

But of course, a Transformers car collection wouldn’t be complete without our favorite yellow Autobot guardian, which is why we’re bringing in a Bumblebee replica as well! Meticulously designed and maintained, this screen replica Bumblebee will be parked right next to the trucks.


Bounce off the walls, with Bouncy Bedlam

Older kids will have a blast running around the lazer tag arena, but younger members of your party can work their wiggles out nearby, with 7  giant bouncy houses ready for play!

That’s right: seven bouncy houses. This Bouncy Bedlam at the Toy and Geek Fest is a product of a request to find the biggest inflatables that will fit in the fairgrounds, and boy, did they deliver. Better yet: this inflatable wonderland is completely covered by the cost of admission!

Like we said, we want to make sure this event is fun for absolutely everyone: your kids get to run around a bunch of giant bouncy houses, and you don’t have to pay for it! And let’s face it, a dollar or two saved here, makes for another Fisher scone purchase later on…


Try out new toys, from Toysmith

Toy and Geek Fest 2018 is happy to partner with Toysmith, in order to offer you two fun areas for younger kids to get outside and play!

Test out some of the best toys of the “Get Outside, and Go” line with your kiddos, by taking advantage of the play area to try your and at Bashmitton or Suckerball, or try out their extra large flying disc, the Beamo 30″. Who knows… you might just find a new way to get your kids outside this summer!

Or, you can check out other toys, next to the DeLorean time machine, where children can channel their inner inventors with the Ultimate Hands-On robotic experience.

There are plenty of ways to play at the Fest, with toys from Toysmith!


Get a great view, with the National Guard

For older kids who like a little adrenaline, the Washington National Guard is bringing a climbing wall! They can climb as high as they like, under the watchful gaze of these men and women in uniform. But of course, that’s not the only thing they’re bringing…

Young model enthusiasts and toy collectors might just jump at the chance to see some of these military vehicles up close and personal, like a Stryker Infantry Vehicle, a Blackhawk helicopter, M777 Howitzer Cannons, multiple unmanned aerial systems, and so much more for kids to explore.

If your kiddo prefers to keep their feet on the ground, then rather than test out the climbing wall, they might enjoy trying their hand at a night vision goggles course instead!


But beyond all of these fun activities, we haven’t even touched on the celebrities who will be there, or any of the vendors selling cool and exclusive merchandise at the event. We promise, from Disney Channel’s Peyton List, to some seriously cool Funko collections, there are still so many more cool things kids can experience  at Toy and Geek Fest 2018!


Will we be seeing you there? Let us know!