How many times have you played this scene in A New Hope and imagined sitting in the Millennium Falcon and playing a game of Dejarik with Chewy or R2-D2? Well, we don’t have the whole Falcon, but we will have the Lounge and Dejarik Table at theWashington State Toy and Geek Fest.

Come sit in this full-sized and amazingly crafted exact replica of this iconic scene and have your picture taken. Why not have your family pictures taken here? Christmas Cards are coming up soon? We can invite an R2 unit to join you.

This is only a small part of the 14,000+ square feet of area that we are devoting to Star Wars. Sets, characters, photo ops, Jedi, Sith, creatures, droids, ships, props, toys and more will be at the Toy and Geek Fest. Know a Star Wars fan? They won’t want to miss this exhibition.