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2019 Summer Con Comic Creator Guests

Our All-Star Comic Guest Lineup for the 2019 Washington State Summer Con.  Please note that any guest is always subject to cancellation due to professional commitments.  Click on a graphic for more information.

Jim Lee

Jim Steranko

Roy Thomas

Chris Claremont

Jim Shooter

Andy Kubert

Peter Tomasi

Amanda Conner

Jimmy Palmiotti

Mark Bagley

Sean Murphy

Scott Williams

Jae Lee

Alex Sinclair

Ken Lashley

Ron Wilson

Randy Emberlin

Arthur Suydam

Mike Henderson

Phil Ortiz

Local Artists and Featured Guests

Emi Lennox

Jason Metcalf

John J. Hill

Jeremy Simser

Kevin McCoy

Russ Richards

Blacky Shepherd

Travis Bundy

Contracted Guests that are no longer able to appear

Charles Soule

David Finch

Marv Wolfman