Life finds a way… and we found a way to bring Jurassic Park Jeeps to the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest this summer! Members of the Jurassic Park NW Division have spared no expense in recreating three different versions of the gas-powered Jeeps from Jurassic Park, including Jeep 18 and Jeep 12, both featured in the film.

This year, Jurassic Park celebrates its 25th anniversary and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens the week before our event. So not only will the members be dressed as Jurassic Park staff, they will be on hand to answer questions about the film and pose for photos.

Bring your kids or be a kid and play in one of the dino dig areas. You may even catch a glimpse of a velociraptor! Just remember, if something chases you…RUN!