The Washington State Toy and Geek Fest 2018 may not be taking place in a galaxy far, far away, but you’re just as likely to come face to face with an Ewok, bounty hunter, lightsaber or landspeeder, as you are in any of the amazing intergalactic settings of the Star Wars franchise. Between interacting with some of your favorite costumed characters, to escaping the clutches of a larger-than-life Rancor monster, there’s sure to be plenty to enjoy, for both jedi masters and young padawans alike. Just remember to use the force!


Meet up with some of your favorite characters

Suit up, cosplayers, because you’re definitely going to want to join the fun and get pictures with all of our visiting costumed contingents. From your favorite heroes, to some of the franchise’s fiercest, we recommend you have your camera ready!

Rebel Legion

Rebel Legion Alpha Base is here to keep an eye out for any Imperial entanglements that might be present at the Fest. X-Wing pilots, Jedi, members of the Resistance, and more, will be on patrol… but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any Tusken Raiders or Jawas who may be lurking in the area!

This group is officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm and Disney, and their primary objective is to simply have fun. Volunteers will be on hand to raise money for the charitable causes the costume group supports, truly making them a galactic force for good!

Garrison Titan

Just in case your own personal proclivities lean more towards the dark side of the force, Washington State’s official chapter of the 501st Legion, Garrison Titan, will be here, too!

Alongside Rebel Legion, Garrison Titan will be patrolling the show floor throughout the event, ready to provide plenty of photo opportunities… and with more than 2 dozen troopers, Jedi, bounty hunters, Imperial Gunners, and more, we can only imagine what familiar faces will be ending up in your family photos! Whether it is a picture with a wookiee, trooper, or sith lord, you’re sure to meet your match.

Another group officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm and Disney, Garrison Titan will also be collecting donations for the charitable causes their group supports. Maybe they’re not such bad guys after all?

Gurreck Clan

Make way for the Mandalorian Mercs… the Gurreck Clan will be joining us at the Fest, as well! Any Boba Fett fans will definitely want to take time to welcome these warriors yourself!

Also Lucasfilm sanctioned, and well-known for their commitment to both the Mandalorian culture as well as the support of their various charity causes, these fearsome foes from across the galaxy are ready for plenty of pictures.



Take part in a lightsaber battle, with Jet City Temple

The Washington chapter of Saber Guild International, Jet City Temple is a Lucasfilm-recognized, not-for-profit lightsaber performance group, whose primary missions are to raise money for local charities, while spreading a love of the Star Wars franchise to fans across the galaxy. And they look so good doing it!

At Toy and Geek Fest 2018, they will be hosting a Jedi Temple, where padawans – of all ages! – can have the chance to wield lightsabers themselves. Of course, Force-sensitive photographers will be on hand to catch you in action!

First off is Kid’s Training, where young heroes will learn how to use the Force and face down Sith Lords, and will be able to join the Saber Guild afterwards for the Force Experience Show. From learning lightsaber forms and technique, to sparring against partners, you’ll master the ways of the force, and even get to test your mettle against the Sith!

Kids at heart are welcome to get in on the action too… you’re never too old to begin your Jedi training! Learn combat choreography, and brush up on your lightsaber skills yourself, to learn just what kind of effort goes into their jaw-dropping performances.  Check the Panel schedule for exact times over on the Showplace Stage!


Find out how fans still find ways to build something new, with movie replicas

From one of your favorite droids, to some furry forest moon dwellers, we’ve got plenty of movie replicas that show just how talented Star Wars fans are!

Garrison Titan’s Speeders

Like we’ve mentioned before, Garrison Titan is bringing more than just their bad selves to the Fest: they’ve packed along a movie-realistic replica of Luke’s Landspeeder, as well as a 74-Z speeder bike from Endor, to make the trip along with them!

R2Northwest Builders Club

Ever want to meet Artoo up close and personal? Why not say hello to some major Star Wars fans who’ve built their own versions of the astromech droid, too? The amazing engineers and artisans of R2Northwest, the Pacific Northwest R2Builders Club, are bringing some of their favorites to Toy and Geek Fest 2018.

These droids are happy to get to know and take some photos with fans from across the Star Wars universe, and we’ve heard their creators are pretty excited about it, too!

Ewok Builders Club

As it turns out, you don’t have to buy an express ticket to the Forest Moon of Endor to have your picture taken with an Ewok! These amazing movie replicas are perfectly detailed, and will be standing guard near the Speeder Bike display.

Thank you to the Ewok Builder’s Club for bringing these new furry friends to the Fairgrounds!


Han in Carbonite

Well, we’re sorry to report that we couldn’t convince Harrison Ford to come visit us at the Fest… so we’ve trapped him in carbonite, and brought him along anyways.

Just kidding! But really, we do have this fantastic, movie-accurate replica of a trapped Han Solo frozen in carbonite, perfect for appearing in the background of your next Instagram post. Yeah, you love us. We know.



Meet celebrities from across the galaxy

Think you’re tough? Test your mettle against Sabine Wren. Think you’re tall? Try measuring up to Chewbacca. Of course, you’ll be able to do both in person, thanks to Toy and Geek Fest 2018!

Tiya Sircar

One of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy will be appearing at the Fest… well, at least her voice actress will be, anyways! Tiya Sircar – the voice of Sabine Wren from Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – will be a part of our celebrity lineup, ready to meet and greet with fans.

Tiya won’t be appearing as her character, but you still might find her face pretty familiar… beyond the franchise, you might also have seen Tiya recently starring as Rooni on the Zach Braff-helmed Alex, Inc, or as “Real Eleanor”/ Vicky on NBC’s The Good Place!


Peter Mayhew

We’re so excited to be bringing one of the biggest stars from the franchise to Puyallup for Toy and Geek Fest 2018… and yes, we really mean “biggest”! Peter Mayhew, our 7’2″ superstar, was the original – and until recently, only – actor to portray Chewbacca in the films of the franchise, and he’s ready  to meet and greet with Fest attendees. We’d recommend spending your time until June 30th perfecting your best wookiee roar.

(Remember, reservations for Autographs and Photo Ops can only be purchases if you have admission tickets… and when would you be getting this kind of opportunity again?)


Snap a pic in one of the many unique photo ops

With summer in full swing by the time we reach Toy and Geek Fest 2018, I’m sure you’ll be getting tired of seeing the same old beach vacation pictures on your social media timelines… why not spice things up a little? We bet a profile picture taken in the cockpit of an X-Wing will do wonders for your Facebook account.

Roxy the Rancor Monster

Based on the Rancor Monster featured in Return of the Jedi, Roxy is a 700 pound, 17-foot-long replica coming in at over 21 feet tall, and sculpted from nearly 2,000 cubic feet of expanded polystyrene foam. Not so much life-size, rather than larger-than-life, Roxy is coming to Puyallup from her home in Florida, and is being displayed for the first time ever in the Pacific Northwest!

Produced in conjunction with the 501st Legion, Roxy makes appearances at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, Star Wars Celebration, and MegaCons. Eager fans are welcome to get up close and personal, and take an amazing photo opportunity and stand in the grasp of the mighty monster!

Lemmy the Luggabeast

In the beginning of The Force Awakens, Rey frees BB-8 from a Luggabeast on Jakku, setting in motion the events that carry her forward through the film. So, while Rey and BB-8 are a little bit preoccupied at the moment, you can come take a picture with the metal behemoth yourself!

Part pack animal, and part Empire salvage, Lemmy stands at over 8′ tall, and is absolutely authentic to the wear and tear scratches and scrapes of a life on a desert planet. While you can’t enlist them to help carry all of your collectibles, comics, and Fisher scones out to parking, you’re more than welcome to come take a picture!

Millenium Falcon Lounge replica

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit the whole Millenium Falcon into the Showplex building, but what we can do, is invite you to kick your feet up in the Lounge of the iconic vessel. Our Dejarik table might not be in working order, so you can’t play right now, but this replica is otherwise completely movie accurate to the iconic scene from A New Hope.

At the very least, you can get your photo taken! And maybe start talking over how you can get one of these things installed in your own home…

X-Wing Cockpit

We here at Toy and Geek Fest 2018 would never, ever advocate for taking a selfie while driving… especially during a space battle. That’s why we’ve helpfully brought in this movie-accurate replica of an X-Wing cockpit – courtesy of the 501st Legion Garrison Titan – to make sure you can snap the perfect photo, while securely on the ground!

Worried about your outfit? Don’t worry, they’ve also lent us a few extra pilot helmets and shared a few extra jumpsuits, so you can

truly look the part!


Hear From Your Favorite Star Wars Collectors and Stars

Sit in on one of our many Star Wars related panels over the weekend.



LEGO R2 Building: How it is Done

Panel Room 2 – 10 am

Meet the R2NW Droid Builders

Panel Room 2 – 11 am: Get an introduction to the galaxy’s most famous droid, R2-D2! See how R2 has infiltrated film and pop culture beyond Star Wars, and get an inside look on how droids are constructed from the R2 Builders Club!

Collecting Star Wars Movie Props

Panel Room 2 – 2 pm: Gus Lopez is a legendary Star Wars collector. His collection of Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, and memorabilia is known throughout the far reaches of the galaxy. Don’t miss out on Gus sharing some of his favorite movie props he has collected over the decades.

Star Wars – Did they Really Make that?

Panel Room 2 – 3 pm: Did you know Hasbro made things like the Cruise Missile Trooper and “Attack” R5-D4? Characters named Whorm Loathsom, Wioslea? Holiday stylized figures? Join Ryan Beise, local co-host of Galaxy of Toys podcast, the MrByZ YouTube toy reviewer, and expert on the Star Wars Hasbro line as he goes through some of the strange, unique, and obscure Star Wars toys made by Hasbro.

Jedi Masters at the Round Table

Mainstage – Saturday 4 pm : Come listen to some of the masters in Toy Collecting and Star Wars knowledge discuss the future of Star Wars collecting and how personal collecting has changed over the years.

An Interview with Peter Mayhew

Mainstage – Saturday 5 pm: Who doesn’t love Chewbacca? Come listen to our biggest 7’3″ superstar share his story of playing the most lovable and furry character of them all.


Stormtrooper Armor Workshop with the 501st Legion

Panel Room 2 – 10 am: Local members of The 501st Legion will walk you through the process of building an approvable set of Imperial Stormtrooper armor! We’ll show you the basics of measuring, cutting and gluing. Then, we’ll pick up in progress with a halfway-completed kit, and talk through the steps as we finish it on stage. This fun, entertaining presentation will make audience members feel engaged by involving them in some of the easier tasks. Designed for beginners and intermediate builders alike.

Celebrity Spotlight: Tiya Sircar

Mainstage – Sunday 11am: Spend some time with Tiya Sircar, the voice behind Sabine Wren the revolutionary leader during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

Visiting Star Wars Movie Locations

Panel Room 2 – 4 pm: Gus Lopez is a legendary Star Wars collector. His collection of Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, and memorabilia is known throughout the far reaches of the galaxy. Gus and his wife, Pam, have traveled to various parts of the world on Star Wars related adventures, including three trips to Tunisia where they located many original Star Wars set pieces and props left behind years after filming. Come listen to their adventures!



It seems like we’ve got everything, except for the blue milk. Which Star Wars character are you most excited to see at Toy and Geek Fest 2018? What are you going to do first? Let us know! 

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